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Instructions for Contributors to the JCTR

General Guidelines

  1. Articles should be submitted via e-mail as an attached file to The preferred format is Microsoft Word. WordPerfect, rich text format, html, or ASCII may also be accepted.
  2. All articles will be published in PDF format.
  3. Articles need not adhere strictly to these guidelines to be reviewed, but authors will be required to make their articles conform to these guidelines before they are posted.
  4. All articles are subject to minor editing, though the author will have the opportunity to review the article before it is posted on the web.
  5. The author retains the copyright on the article.
  6. Articles should use inclusive language.

Specific Guidelines

  1. The Journal now follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (2003).  However, we prefer real names and short titles to the abbreviations Ibid., Idem. and Op.Cit.  Please do not use them.
  2. Use footnotes rather than endnotes.  Notes may be place in the main text, in parenthesis, only when they are very short (Author, Page Number).  A Works Cited page is not needed.
  3. Standard abbreviations from the SBL Handbook should be used. For an online list see TC: The Journal of Textual Criticism.
  4. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively. Citations to the Web should include URL, author (if known), and date of accession.
  5. All inquiries regarding format should be sent to the editor at