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The CTRF is a distinctively Christian research organization in systematic and moral theology, and related disciplines. 

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The society exists to promote and sustain fellowship and truth-seeking (fides quaerens intellectum) in theological reflection upon the Christian faith, within the mainstream of the Christian tradition. We see ourselves as a spiritual fellowship in service to the Church of Messiah Jesus parimatch tanzania apk download.



The Journal for Christian Theological Research is a peer reviewed journal of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship.
Sacra Doctrina is a book series in contemporary theology published by Eerdmans.
Guides to Theology is a book series published by Eerdmans providing short, annotated introductions to standard themes and current issues in systematic theology.
The Distinguished Dissertations in Christian Theology series is an on-line dissertation publication offered in association with
 Word & World.
Join the email list for the Christian Theology Group (TheoSBL),  meeting at the Society of Biblical Literature.




D. Stephen Long
Marquette University

  Co-Vice Presidents:

Beth Felker Jones
Huntington College


Bernie Van De Walle
Alliance University College


Daniel J. Treier
Wheaton College

  Member at Large:

Sally Bruyneel
Augsburg College

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Cyberspace for the Christian Theological Research Fellowship has been generously donated by Luther Seminary.